How to Tilt a Patio Umbrella

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How to Tilt a Patio Umbrella?

Table of Contents

Enjoying the summer and having a lovely time on the patio is a great option where you can relax and put all the chores aside for a while. However, did you ever struggle to enjoy the moments, the breeze, or the bright sunlight in the sunny afternoons? Patio umbrellas are a great relief and a blessing in disguise that allow you to make the most of your patio and make your outdoor experience unparalleled.

patio umbrella

When it comes to a patio umbrella, you can adjust and tilt it conveniently to any direction you want. Whether you have the patio umbrella fixed to a surface like a table or elegantly positioned beside the pool, you only need to tilt it according to the sun and enjoy a shady space.

Types of Umbrella Tilt Mechanisms

tilt umbrella

Depending upon your budget and the ease of usage you are looking for, outdoor umbrellas come in four different types based on their tilting mechanisms. While all four types are relatively simple to operate, they are distinguished based on slight tilting differences. Outdoor tilting umbrellas include:

  • Push-button Patio Umbrella – The most affordable patio umbrella that includes a button latched to the pole for tilting the umbrella from the joint.
  • Collar Tilt Patio Umbrella – A highly appealing, easy-to-operate umbrella that involves rotating the collar and tilting it to adjust the umbrella position.
  • Auto-Tilt Patio Umbrella – Most popular patio umbrellas that work by simply turning the handle to unlock the tilt mode.、
  • Rotational Tilt Patio Umbrella – Latest and most expensive patio umbrellas that are best for frequent usage and can be tilted effortlessly just by rotating the crank.

Wondering about how to tilt a patio umbrella? Let’s look at the detailed, step-by-step procedure for handling different outdoor umbrellas.

How to Tilt a Push-Button Patio Umbrella?

Push-button patio umbrellas are acknowledged as the most affordable models. They are effortless to use and are the earliest patio umbrellas to be introduced. To tilt the umbrella, you need to press the button that is attached to the pole. If we break the mechanism into steps, this is how to make a patio umbrella tilt:

  1. To open the patio umbrella, you need to push the crank in the clockwise direction gently
  2. Next, press the push-button that is attached to the pole to unlock the tilting
  3. You can now tilt the umbrella according to your requirements in any direction.
  4. Furthermore, push the umbrella upright to ensure the pole snaps into place, closing the umbrella.
  5. If you wish to close your umbrella completely, rotate the handle counter-clockwise.
push-button tilt umbrella

Please be careful while tilting the umbrella since you would not want to break the pole or ribs by giving a harsh rotation. It is also advised to close the umbrella when the weather is windy, or you intend on using something other than it.

How to Tilt a Collar Tilt Patio Umbrella?

Collar tilt patio umbrellas are highly attractive and appealing. These umbrellas provide a simplified tilting mechanism and add value and elegance to your patio. However, like all other outdoor umbrellas, it is essential to use them gently and keep them closed in harsh weather.

Collar Tilt Patio Umbrella

Let’s have a look below at how you can tilt an outdoor umbrella tilt:

  1. Gently turn the crank clockwise to open the umbrella completely
  2. Rotate the collar on the pole counter-clockwise to unlock it for a tilt
  3. Tilt the umbrella and adjust it according to your needs by simply moving it
  4. Once you have set it in position, straighten the collar and close the collar tilt umbrella by twisting its crank counter-clockwise.

The best way to keep your umbrella working perfectly for a long time is to keep it closed whenever not in use and be gentle with the collar and the crank.

How to Use an Auto-Tilt Patio Umbrella?

As the name indicates, auto-tilt umbrellas are very easy to use. They are acknowledged as the most popular outdoor umbrellas because of their simplified function and their affordable prices. Auto-tilt umbrellas come in a low price range compared to the rotating tilt models, making them the ideal choice for customers. Excited to learn how to use auto tilt patio umbrella? You just need to:

  1. Firstly, open the umbrella completely by twisting the crank clockwise
  2. Gently give the handle one more twist to unlock the tilt
  3. Adjust the umbrella to your desired position simply by moving it
  4. Finally, twist the handle in the counter-clockwise direction whenever you desire to close your auto-tilt umbrella.
Auto-Tilt Patio Umbrella

The auto-tilt outdoor umbrellas save your effort of changing the position according to the sun. Also, these umbrellas have a massive diameter and can serve as a shade for 5-6 people efficiently. So, whether you are enjoying your tea in the outdoors with your family or having a pool day, these hassle-free umbrellas are a must-have.

How to Use a Rotational Tilt Patio Umbrella?

Rotational tilt patio umbrellas are the latest ones in the market, and that is one reason why they are still comparatively expensive than others. Apart from their price, they are known for their simple tilting mechanism and durability. So, if you plan on using a patio tilt umbrella frequently, then the rotational tilt umbrellas are worth the price.

Rotational Tilt Patio Umbrella

The working of these umbrellas, in a nutshell, includes

  1. Open the umbrella by rotating the crank clockwise
  2. Use any of its ribs to turn the umbrella clockwise once again
  3. You can freely tilt the umbrella in any direction you desire
  4. To close, use its ribs to rotate the umbrella counter-clockwise to straighten out.
  5. Turn the handle in the counter-clockwise direction to finally close the umbrella.

While all patio umbrellas have their benefits and ease of usage, choosing the one that perfectly aligns with your needs is imperative. You must consider your budget, the number of members, and how often you would use these umbrellas to make the best decision.

Tilting Tips and Precautions

You might be intrigued with the patio umbrellas and look forward to making a valuable addition to your outdoor space. However, apart from the tilt types, there are several other do’s and don’ts that you must bear in mind. Let’s have a brief look at the different factors that will help you get the most of your outdoor umbrella as follows.

  • Always be gentle with your umbrella, especially when tilting it. Sudden or harsh tilting may damage your patio umbrella, causing it to loosen and tilt uncontrollably.
  • Make sure to read the user guide thoroughly before you begin adjusting your umbrella.
  • You can make the most of your umbrella, and enjoy the maximum shade by tilting it according to the position of the sun.
  • Whether you have a tabletop patio umbrella, or one of the mobile shades that can be set in different positions in your patio, you must never leave your umbrella by being negligent. Harsh weather like a windy evening or storm can greatly affect your umbrella, therefore, make sure to close your umbrella whenever it’s not in use.
  • Furthermore, do not forget to clean your umbrella regularly to have the best output. Cleaning your umbrella washes out all kinds of particle deposits, and keeps the fabric fresh and efficient.


How much should I tilt my patio umbrella?

You should gently tilt your patio umbrella according to the sun. Tilt your umbrella in a direction where it blocks the sun and provides complete shade over the patio.

An umbrella whose tilt has become uncontrollable is mainly due to the defect in the crank. The strings in the crank might have loosened over time, making it susceptible to unwanted tilts. If you know how to restring a tilt patio umbrella and have the necessary instruments, you can also do it easily at home.

These are the three main reasons why your patio umbrella does not tilt anymore:

  • A broken pole
  • Broken rings
  • Damaged ribs

Repairing a damaged umbrella that does not tilt properly is not an easy task. It requires an expert’s expertise. However, you can also do it yourself if you have the required instruments and your patio umbrella guidebook.

Yes! Patio umbrellas are usually made from the high-quality outdoor fabrics like the Sunbrella, that are unaffected by the rain or dew. Therefore, the rain will simply fall on your umbrella canopy and roll of eventually, causing no harm to the fabric. But remember, don’t open your umbrella in strong winds.

Yes! You should close your umbrella during the night or whenever it is not in use. Also, if you have mobile shades, you can close them and store them in the indoor space until you need to use them the following day.

closed umbrella

No! You should keep your umbrella closed in the wind or stormy weather because harsh weather can severely affect your umbrella and may cause it to break or damage.

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