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To initiate the process, you need to register your purchased products by filling out the registration form and providing proof of purchase on the left. 

Once you’ve registered your products, the verification and approval process begins. This step ensures that your registration is valid and that you meet the necessary criteria for membership.

After successful verification and approval, a member account is created for you. You will receive a notification via email containing your account details, such as login credentials and instructions on how to access your account.

As a member, you start earning reward points based on your purchases. For every dollar spent, you accumulate 10 reward points. These points serve as a loyalty currency that can be redeemed for future purchase on our website.

*As part of our new offering, you will receive reward points for the first-time registration of products purchased from other platforms.

Once registered, you can enjoy the full range of member benefits, including warranty coverage, regular product updates, exclusive discounts, and the ability to earn and redeem reward points.

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