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When choosing outdoor furniture, one important consideration is how well the furniture will hold up to the outside environment. Serwall® furniture is built to last with enduring materials to withstand the elements of every season.

Think as a customer.

Regarding which material to use on our outdoor furniture, the Serwall team decided to think like our customers first. One thing is that we want it to retain structural integrity and appearance over many seasons and in various weather conditions. Besides, the time and effort needed to maintain materials throughout the year are also considered important, as we don’t want to spend much time on the chore of continual maintenance. Beyond that, their “greenness” and costs are also essential to examine.

After comparing the variety of popular materials used for outdoor furniture, we have chosen two recyclable plastic materials – HIPS & HDPE. The advancement of technologies has made a great difference in furniture crafting. Serwall’s recycled plastic patio furniture is nice and sturdy, weathering far better than traditional wood.

Features of our materials


Withstands harsh outdoor environments.

Fade Resistant

UV inhibitors and stabilizers protected.


Cleans easily with soap and water.


100% recycable materials for a healthy planet.

♸ HIPS - High Impact Polystyrene

One of Serwall’s poly lumber is made from high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), a versatile plastic widely used to make vending cups, trays, CD cases, toys, etc. As a solid and stable plastic, it can stand heat temperature up to 176°F, which allows you to use it under the hot sun or close to a fire pit. HIPS is a highly durable plastic that is weather-resistant and easy to maintain — perfect for making outdoor furniture. Our HIPS lumber also applies UV-inhibited pigment and stabilizer to help maintain our lumber colors throughout the material, not just on the surface.

Woody Texture Finish

Our HIPS lumber all have a woody texture finish, which features a subtle, wire-brushed texture giving the appearance of rich, matte painted wood. It’s hard to tell the difference with wood, except it looks great every day and doesn’t seem to age. Darker colors can show fading over the years, but it is very slight.

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♴ HDPE - High Density polyethylene

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is characterized by its durability and chemical resistance, which makes it one of the primary materials to make Serwall poly lumber. With good toughness and high density, this kind of poly lumber has a better bearing capability and seldom breaks and cracks — great for outdoor usings. Our HDPE lumber is also treated with UV-inhibited pigment and stabilizers for vivid colors like the HIPS lumber, which is also throughout the material. No painting is required for you.

Classic Finish

Our HDPE lumber has a classic finish, is our most widely used material in Kingyes® series furniture, and features a timeless, smooth texture with a satin-painted wood appearance. Unlike natural wood, it’s easy to clean and will endure many types of harsh weather and environmental stressors.

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