Serwall Outdoor

Est. 2002

Specialized in outdoor furniture

Serwall Outdoor

At Serwall Outdoor, customers comes first - we believe that furniture has the magic to turn any outdoor space to the most memorable spot for families, friends, or even just ourself. We're here to help make your outdoor area a refuge - a retreat where you and your beloved ones feel comfortable relaxing on the weekend.

The Philosophy

What matters to us is Timeless Design, Long-lasting Quality, and Sustainability Mindset.

From the simple side table to a patio chair you'll be sitting on for years to come, we promise that everything isn't just brilliantly designed and cozy, but also has one eye on the future. When you buy from us, you're buying a piece that'll last long after the trends have come and gone.

Combining our big love for outdoor spaces and iconic furniture designs, we’ve set out to create timeless, dynamic designs, accessible to all.

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